MyPoints Daily Goal: How It Works

Welcome to your Daily Goal

A new way to maximize your earning potential!


What is the MyPoints Daily Goal?

Your Daily Goal is a personalized Point threshold for you to meet or exceed each day to earn a Bonus.  

Contribute to your Daily Goal with Points earned by completing everyday activities. The Points can be earned with most  MyPoints activity, as long as it credits within the day your goal is active.



Where do I find my Daily Goal?

 Your Daily Goal is accessible on the MyPoints top navigation between Point Perks and the Daily 5:




How does the Daily Goal differ from the Daily 5?

 The Daily Goal gives you a Daily Point threshold to meet or exceed while the Daily 5 is focused on engaging members in a variety of MyPoints activities. If you don’t like or don’t have access to some of the Daily 5 activities, the Daily Goal may be easier for you to achieve because it doesn’t matter which activities you choose to earn your Points from as long as you reach your Goal!



How many Points do I have to earn to meet my Daily Goal?

 The number of points you need to earn in a day to hit your Daily Goal will vary from day-to-day.  You can see your Daily Goal threshold at the top left section of your Daily Goal window. 






When is my goal active?

 Your goal will be active from midnight Pacific Time through 11:59 pm Pacific Time.



What do I get for reaching my Daily Goal?

 Bonus Points! Each day you hit your goal you’ll accumulate bonus points that will be redeemable the following month.  In addition, you get additional Bonuses for completing “streaks” which range from an additional 10 Points for a 5-day streak to an additional 300 Points for completing your Daily Goal every day within a given month.


How do streaks work?

 Streaks are the number of consecutive days you are able to complete your Daily Goal. Hit your Goal on consecutive days to make a streak. Earn bonuses for 5, 7, 14, 21 and whole month streaks. The table below shows how many extra Points you can earn with streaks.

If You Hit Your Daily Goal

You’ll Earn This Many Bonus Points

5 days in a row

10 Points

7 days in a row

25 Points

14 Days in a row

100 Points

21 Days in  a row

200 Points

Every day in a single month; the “Monthly Master”                           

300 Points



Can you get more than one streak during a month?

 Absolutely! For example, let’s say a month has 30 days and you’re able to complete your Daily Goal consecutively from the 1st of the month through the 5th. That would be a 5-day streak which would earn you an additional 10 Bonus Points. If you are able to maintain that consecutive streak through the 7th day of the month, your 5-day streak turns into a 7-day streak and instead of a 10 Point Bonus, you’d earn a 25 Point Bonus.

 If, however, you missed day 6, you could start a new streak on day 7.


Which MyPoints activities count towards my Daily Goal?


Almost all activities will count towards your Goal, so it’s easier to identify what’s excluded. If the activity credits with available (non-pending Points), it should count towards your Goal. Pending Points will not count towards your Daily Goal until those Points unpend. Can we give an example of the most popular pending points categories and how they impact the Daily Goal?


Daily 5 Bonus Points do not count towards your goal, but Points earned doing Daily 5 activities (including survey disqualification Points) will count.


Basically, your BonusMail click Points, Shopping Points (once upended), Survey Points (for completions and disqualifications), Video and nCrave Points for completed playlists, Search Win Points and Coupon Print and Redemption Points (once posted) will count towards your goal.


Referral bonuses, shopping bonuses, and Monthly Goals bonuses will not count, nor will your Daily Goal Bonuses once claimed.


Are the Daily Goal Points added as soon as I complete my goal and streaks?


Due to the dynamic nature of calculating streaks, both your Daily Goal Bonuses and streak bonuses are accumulated within the calendar month. Once the month is completed, your Bonus will be totaled and available to be claimed starting the 5th of the following month through the 15th.


How do I claim my Daily Goal Bonus?


Starting the 5th of the following month, a Claim Your Bonus button will be available on your Daily Goal dropdown through the 15th of the month. Just click the button to claim all the Daily Goal and streak Bonuses you earned for the prior month!