What is Score! and how do I get it for my computer?

Score! is our shopping browser extension which alerts you when you’re on a MyPoints partner merchant site so you don’t forget to get your Points. It also displays available coupons and highlights MyPoints partners in Google Search results. When you navigate directly or via Google results to a MyPoints partner, Score! drops from the top of your browser window allowing you to click “Get Rewarded” to activate tracking to earn Points for your purchase.

Score! is available for Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. We currently are unable to support Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. You can download Score! here: https://www.mypoints.com/download-score
Browser extensions are not compatible with mobile devices due to the different operating system. Score! works on desktop and laptop systems and runs on Windows or Mac operating systems.
Other browser extensions may conflict with Score! If you use the Swagbutton for example, Score! will be disabled in your browser. If you wish to use multiple extensions, you may need to use different browsers.
Once installed to a compatible system/browser (System Requirements: Chrome 30 and 31 on Mac OS X, Chrome 30+ on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Firefox 25 thru 41.00 on Mac OS X, and XP, Vista and 7. Safari 9.0 on OS X El Capitan and Yosemite), Score! will drop when you navigate to a MyPoints partner merchant. Most merchants displayed on our website are supported, but a number of merchants have opted out of being included via Score!

Once Score! drops, simply click the Get Rewarded button to activate tracking to earn Points for your purchase.

Having issues getting Score! to work? Here are some tips to help troubleshoot common issues with MyPoints Score!™:

1. Once installed, an orange icon   will display in the upper right of your browser window. If this icon is not there, it means that Score! is not installed or is not enabled. Check your browser extensions to make sure Score! has completed installation and is enabled. Removing Score! and reinstalling may be necessary. You may also need to disable other extensions in order to enable Score!

2. If the icon is gray rather than orange, it means you are not logged into your MyPoints account via Score! Click the icon and log into your MyPoints account and the icon should turn from gray to orange.

3. If you navigate to a merchant via MyPoints.com or a BonusMail offer, Score! will drop to tell you it is activated but will not display the Get Rewarded button as tracking was activated via our website or email. You can, however, click the Score! icon to review and apply available coupons.

4. If you navigate to a merchant via another website (RetailMeNot, Ebates, etc.), Score! will not drop at all. You can, however, click the Score! icon to review and apply available coupons. Please note that if you are shopping via another coupon site or loyalty program, applying MyPoints coupons may cause you to not be credited for your purchase by the other site.


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