MyPoints BINGO!

We've got a new and fun way for you to get a BIG Bonus for your MyPoints activities: MyPoints BINGO!

Complete one of sixteen patterns to earn between 10 and 500 Bonus Points.

Activities included on the BINGO Board will include:

Each time you complete an activity, make sure to refresh the page to see it mark off on your Board! If you are planning to complete activities that do not credit immediately (printing coupons, for example), make sure to initiate those activities as soon as BINGO begins. You must receive credit BEFORE the Board submission deadline in order for that activity to be checked off.

You can complete as few as 5 of the activities (or 5 squares) to earn a Bonus, but the more activities and completed or close to completed patterns you are able to finish, the bigger your bonus will be!

You can join BINGO during the pre-registration period or at any time before the submission deadline, but only activities completed AFTER you join will be credited on your Board.

You can also submit your pattern before the submission deadline, but you can only submit ONCE, so make sure you submit after you've finished the most rewarding pattern you can complete.