How come I get errors when trying to take surveys?

MyPoints surveys are hosted by survey partners and as such MyPoints has little control over the experience. It's possible that there are errors with the set-up on either MyPoints' end or the partner's, but if errors occur we recommend members do the following troubleshooting procedures prior to submitting a ticket:

  1. Is your operating system software current? Old versions of Windows may not be compatible with the survey platform.
  2. Is your browser version up-to-date? Surveys function best with latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. Surveys may work in older or different browser versions, but keep in mind that lesser used browsers like Safari or Opera may not be compatible with many survey platforms.
  3. Are your browser settings interfering with the survey programming? You may need to enable Javascript or Flash.
  4. Do you have multiple survey tabs or windows open? Finishing one survey and opening a new one in a new tab could cause errors as the new tab/window may not properly refresh to register that the survey was completed.

If you are experiencing survey issues and your operating system and browser software is current, please try the following steps to see if they resolve the proble

  1. Close any additional tabs/windows which may preventing the survey data from updating properly. Then refresh the remaining open window/tab and attempt the survey again.
  2. Try the survey using another browser.
  3. Clear your cache and cookies.

Also keep in mind that participating in other non-MyPoints survey panels could cause issues as survey opportunities are shared across panel providers and participant responses are limited to once per study.