How to Claim Your Monthly Goal Bonus

One of the enhancements we’ve added to Monthly Goals is the ability to collect your Bonus Points as soon as you complete your goals.

You will have up to 5 days after the month ends to claim your Points. Here’s how:

1. Select Monthly Goals from the More menu:



2. If you completed your goals, the Claim Bonus button will appear at the top of your submission form:



Just click it to collect your Bonus Points!


3. If it’s after the end of the month and there’s a new month’s submission form, you will need to click on the “See past goals” links to go back to the prior month:



Click on the calendar for any date in the month you want to navigate to (use forward and back arrows on either side of the current month) to pull up the progress tracker for that month.

You can also go back to your prior progress trackers to review your goals and results.