Troubleshooting: Claiming your Monthly Goal Bonus

Make sure you have completed your Monthly Goals. Navigate to the month for which you are claiming your bonus by clicking the “See past goals” link and clicking the arrow on the calendar pop-up to go back to the prior month and check the Progress Tracker to make sure you have completed all submitted activities.

Please note that the Progress Tracker updates every 24 hours from the last time it was viewed and the Claim bonus button will not appear until the tracker updates showing all goals were met. Also, if the month ends on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday and you printed coupons on the last day of the month, you need to allow 24 business hours until your print data updates on Monday.

Also, make sure you have not already claimed your bonus. If you completed your goals early, check your account statement by setting the month to when you completed your goals and filtering Activity using “Other” to make sure you did not claim your Points previously.

If you have completed your goals and have not previously claimed your bonus but the Claim Bonus button is not appearing, try clearing your cache as many browsers store older versions of the page for quicker page loading.

If you cannot click on the See past goals link, or clicking does not trigger the calendar pop-up, please note there is currently an issue with mobile devices running iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.). We are working to resolve this, but in the meantime please use an Android or non-mobile device to claim your Bonus.

For Windows devices, you should be able to access the Claim Bonus button using Firefox or Chrome. Mac users should use Chrome.

So if you are having issues:

  1. Make sure you completed your goals
  2. Make sure you have not previously claimed your Bonus Points
  3. Try clearing browser cache and cookies
  4. Try a different browser and/or device

You have until 11:59 pm Pacific time on the 5th day of the following month to claim your Bonus Points.