What happens to unclaimed payments?

If the recipient’s email address isn’t associated with an existing PayPal account and the recipient doesn’t link it to an existing PayPal account or open a new PayPal account within 30 days, PayPal will return the unclaimed payment to MyPoints.com. There are several possible reasons why this payment could be "Unclaimed”:  

  1. The recipient hasn't yet opened a PayPal account. When payment is sent, an email notification is sent to the recipient, notifying this person of the payment. The recipient can click a link in the email received, to open an account and collect the money.
  2. The recipient hasn't confirmed their email address. Members must confirm their email address before they can receive money. Once the email address is confirmed, the money will appear in the account.
  3. The recipient hasn't registered their MyPoints email address with PayPal. The recipient will need to add and confirm that email address, the money will then appear in the account.
  4. The recipient hasn't yet chosen to accept or deny payment. Business and Premier accounts have preferences, allowing a recipient to choose which payments to accept. If the recipient chooses to accept payment, the status will change to "Completed." If the recipient denies payment, the funds will be returned to you and status will change to "canceled."
  5. The recipient has a Non-U.S. account and hasn't chosen to accept or deny the payment. To accept payment, the recipient would configure their account to accept payments.
  6. The email address was entered incorrectly when payment was sent. The recipient will not be able to claim this payment. Payment should be canceled and sent again to the correct email address.