What is a cookie?

A cookie is a teeny data file, recorded in your web browser's Preferences folder, created by some web sites so they can recognize you when you return. For instance, any time you ask a site to remember your password, you're authorizing it to create a cookie. We're one of those web sites. Not only do we create cookies, our partner sites create them too.

Your cookie ensures that you can access your account online and that all the Points you earn get credited to you. To keep things running smoothly, make sure you set your privacy settings to allow third-party cookies. This lets our partners identify you as a MyPoints member and report your purchases back to us so we can credit your account with the right number of Points.

If you don't want to allow your browser to accept all third-party cookies, you need to manually add the following web sites and cookies to your trusted list to receive your Points:

  • mypoints.com
  • linksynergy.com
  • bfast.com
  • cc-dt.com
  • qksrv.net
  • anrdoezrs.net
  • tkqlhce.com
  • dpbolvw.net
  • kqzyfj.com
  • jdoqocy.com
  • cj.com